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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone buy candy from Best Buy Candy?

Here at Best Buy Candy we believe in everyoneís right to candy. We sell candy to all sorts of retailers (including candy stores), businesses, and individuals. We provide quality candy at low discount prices to everyone. Whatís life without a little sweet? Make sure you check out the Promotions section of our website for some great deals! Also, we offer discount codes to frequent patrons and on large quantity orders. For large quantity discounts, check out the Quantity Discount link on the bottom of our home page and fill out the discount registration form.


Is there any minimum order?

Yes. Best Buy Candy requires a $15.00 minimum order.


What if I canít find the candy Iím looking for?

Best Buy Candy is always adding new products and flavors for you to enjoy. If you arenít able to find exactly what youíre looking for call us toll-free at (866) 476-4461 to speak directly to one of our customer service representatives. We are always adding your old fashioned favorites and new candy items to our website. We also will let you know if what candy bars and lollipops have been discontinued. You can also reach us by email: info@bestbuycandy.com. Thereís nothing worse than having an unfulfilled sweet tooth!


Need help with an order?

Call us toll-free at (866) 476-4461 or email us at info@bestbuycandy.com.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is variable depending on your location, the weight of the package, and the type of shipping service you select when you checkout. Please note, too, that if you are ordering chocolate and/or other items that might melt you should select an expedited shipping option.


Why is shipping so expensive?

Bulk candy has been crammed full with ounces of quality taste and amazing flavors in ever y bite. Unfortunately, this means that some bulk candy is heavy and therefore costs more to ship. Once your candy arrives though, we promise you wonít be sorry!


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Best Buy Candy is committed to getting your candy to you as fast as possible. Most orders ship out in 24 hours, but our standard can be up to 2-3 business days for us to process and package your order. Please review our shipping page for details on different shipping methods and our policies to determine when your order will arrive once shipped. We are located in Orange County, California and as an example, our standard Fed Ex Ground shipping can take 4-5 business days if you are on the east coast.


Help! I need my candy now!

Never fear! Best Buy Candy is here! Call us toll-free at (866) 476-4461 to speak with one of our candy crisis counselors.


I have a big event (wedding, party, etc.) coming up. How far in advance should I place my order?

Best Buy Candy recommends that you place an order for an event up to one month prior: this allows you to rest assured that your event will have all the sweetness you envisioned delivered with time to spare, time to sample, and time to order more!


Can I pick up my order in person?

We currently do not allow customers to pick up orders at the warehouse. We are affiliated with 2 retail stores in Orange County where you can have your order dropped of to save shipping charges. If you would like to pick up your order please call us toll-free at (866) 476-4461 after you have placed your order to let us know and we will refund your shipping costs.


What is Best Buy Candyís return policy?

In the event of a return that is our fault we do not charge a restocking fee. In all other cases a restocking fee of 15% will be charged and additionally, the customer will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.

No returns are accepted without approval. All returned merchandise must be shipped prepaid. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required for all refunds. Refunds will not be made for merchandise arriving without a valid RMA number. All return claims must be reported within one (1) business day of your order receipt as determined by the delivery agent (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) in order to obtain an RMA number. RMA numbers are only valid for ten (10) days from the date of issue and we must receive the product back within those ten (10) days. Special orders cannot be returned. Best Buy Candy will refund the cost of your candy less shipping charges when it is received in an unopened, resalable, and new condition. Best Buy Candy is not responsible for the cost of shipping back to our warehouse unless the product was defective or was not what the customer ordered. In the event that an item is not what you ordered, Best Buy Candy asks that you check the packing slip enclosed with your candy and the e-mail confirmation you received when you placed your order to make sure that you didnít receive what you order.

Best Buy Candy will not be held responsible for heat damage when you choose the standard ground shipping method. We recommend shipping any candy that has the potential to melt using the overnight or the 2-3 day express method during warmer months. As a convenience to help prevent melting, Best Buy Candy includes free ice packs for chocolate and other delicate products.

All returns must be pre-approved by contacting customer service. You can contact us at (866) 476-4461, Monday-Friday. 9AM-5PM PST or e-mail us at info@bestbuycandy.com.

All returns should be sent to: Best Buy Candy Inc., 304 Main Street Newport Beach, CA 92661.


I know Iím making the worst decision of my life, but can I cancel my order?

Cancellations must be made within twenty-four (24) hours of the time you place your order. Orders cancelled after twenty-four (24) hours will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Special orders (such as custom-colored lentils or custom lollipops) cancelled after twenty-four (24) hours will be subject to a 50% restocking fee due to the possibility that we will potentially be stuck with the product and not able to resell it or eat it all prior to expiration.


Iím ordering chocolates and/or other meltable candies. How can I be sure that they will arrive in quality condition?

During the warmer months some candies have the potential to melt Ė and no one likes that! If you are ordering products that have the potential to melt, Best Buy Candy recommends that you select either the overnight or 2-3 day express shipping method. Best Buy Candy also includes free ice packs and thermal wrapping in expedited orders to help prevent melting!  Ice packs are no longer included with ground shipments.  Please ensure your candy does not melt and choose an expedited shipping method. 

Best Buy Candy will not guarantee items may not be damaged in such circumstances and Best Buy Candy will not be held responsible for any such damage as a result of hot weather. We also do not recommend putting your chocolate in a refrigerator after it ships as this tends to change the color of the candy; try to keep the candy at a cool room temperature.


How does Best Buy Candy respect my privacy?

All orders placed on BestBuyCandy.com are stored on secure authorize.net computers. Your personal information is never shared with any third parties. We ask for your e-mail address and phone number to contact you only concerning your order. We may send out e-mails or direct mail to inform you of specials and closeouts only if you choose to click the ďnew products/promotionsĒ box during checkout.


What payment methods does Best Buy Candy accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. You may also use PayPal or you can send a check or money order to the address below. Please allow up to an extra two (2) weeks for us to process orders placed by check or money order.

Send checks or money orders to:

Best Buy Candy Inc.
304 Main Street
Newport Beach, CA 92661
(866) 476-4461


Does Best Buy Candy guarantee that I will be satisfied with my order?

Of course! Candy should always hit that sweet spot! Unfortunately, Best Buy Candy cannot guarantee chocolate or other meltable items. In all other cases, if you receive candy that is broken, damaged, or not the item you ordered, please call us at (866) 476-4461 or e-mail us at info@bestbuycandy.com within one (1) business day of receipt of the order as determined by FedEx or UPS tracking.


Does Best Buy Candy charge sales tax?

No sales tax is charged on any candy! Tax will only be applied to non-candy items.


Can I receive a catalog?

At this time, we only have an online catalog Ė this way weíre able to keep our selection up-to-date and filled with everything sweet!


Can you send me a sample before I make a purchase?

Unfortunately, since we are a bulk candy website, we cannot open the boxes to give you a sample. Lucky for you, though, we are affiliated with two retail stores in the Orange County area where you can browse and purchase a smaller quantity to sample. Come down and enjoy the experience of shopping at real old-fashioned candy stores!

Balboa Candy
301A Marine Ave
Balboa Island, CA 92662
(949) 723-6099

Balboa Candy
304 Main Street
Newport Beach, CA 92661
(949) 673-7021


Can I send an item as a gift?

Yes! Call us at (866) 476-4461 or e-mail us at info@bestbuycandy.com and we can include a personalized gift card with your order. Sorry, but we do not wrap gift items.


Can I purchase a smaller quantity?

Best Buy Candy sells bulk candy at wholesale prices and we canít open cases. If you are looking for smaller quantities please visit our retail affiliate at www.balboacandy.com where you can order single items and smaller quantities with no minimum purchase. If you canít find what youíre looking for there, give us a call at (866) 476-4461 or e-mail us at info@bestbuycandy.com and we will be more than happy to locate it for you!



Please understand that Best Buy Candy does not maintain backorder records. Quantities shipped are subject to stock availability at all times. You will be notified if any part of your order can be filled promptly so that we may suggest substitutes or similar items. Undelivered items will need to be re-ordered.


Does Best Buy Candy have any promotions or coupons?

Whatís candy without a sweet deal? Be sure to check out the Promotions section of our website for some great deals! We even offer discount codes to frequent patrons and on large quantity orders. For large quantity discounts, check out the Quantity Discount link on the bottom of our home page and fill out the discount registration form.


Whatís it like to work with at Best Buy Candy? Do you just eat candy all the time?

Working at Best Buy Candy is, well, SWEET! And of course we eat candy all the time Ė weíre always making sure that we provide you with the best quality and best tasting candy!


The page you requested either is no longer available or access to it has been restricted.